If you’re looking for something to do on an open weekend, perhaps searching for Bigfoot sounds like fun!  According to the Bigfoot Field Research Association, there have been 93 Idaho sightings of the big fella since 1972.  The majority of those sightings have been in two different counties: Valley and Bonner.  Bonner has had 16 sightings while Valley has had 13.   

The most recent sighting was in Valley County in November of 2018 when two friends were hiking the Tamarac Ski Resort and they Saw Bigfoot looking at them from behind a tree.  They were about 200 yards from the beast and they couldn’t smell any bad odor like several other eyewitnesses have.  A year earlier in nearby Warm Lake, a married couple was awoken by the smell of Bigfoot.  Their son couldn’t sleep because he thought something was watching him through the window. 

This Bigfoot sounds like a creep but if you feel like finding him, I would lean towards Bonner County.  There’s been more sightings there than anywhere else in the past five years than anywhere else in Idaho.   

If you run into Bigfoot, make sure you get a picture and be sure to tell us about it! 

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