I'm not much of a "sleep on the ground camper," I don't fish or hunt, but I do enjoy a great hike with my kiddos. This hike has been deemed the best state has to offer. 

I was really excited to see what the "best hike" was for Idaho was on MSN's "Best Hike in Every State" list, so I was a little disappointed to see Idaho's best hike is so far away from the Treasure Valley.

Tubbs Hill

Located in Couer d'Alene, Tubbs Hill is a very doable 2.4 mile hike that is a loop trail that offers absolutely gorgeous views of the lake and beaches. It's the view and the fact that its a hike that kids can enjoy with the family that makes this the "Best Hike" in Idaho. If you're ever in the Couer d'Alene area, put it on your list to check out.

Since we're on the subject of hikes, what are your favorite hikes in and around the Treasure Valley that are family friendly? I love hiking Table Rock, but I need somewhere new!