Earlier this week, Lunchbox and Eddie went at it on air because of something that happened with their rented tuxes for Raymundo's wedding.

The guys were all groomsmen in Raymundo's wedding and they had rented their tuxes from a place in town. They needed to return their tuxes at the beginning of the week and Eddie offered to take Lunchbox's back for him because it was closer to his house. After the tuxes got returned, Lunchbox got a call from the rental company saying that he had a charge of $30 on his account because the cufflinks were missing.

Lunchbox remembers putting his cufflinks on his tux and accused Eddie was stealing or losing his cufflinks. He thought Eddie needed to reimburse him because it had to be Eddie's fault. Because it was hard to determine, Bobby Bones jumped in and said that Eddie just needed to pay Lunchbox $5 to make the situation a little better.

Today (October 29), Lunchbox shared that the rental company called him and actually made a mistake on their end. His cufflinks were there and he no longer had the charge. So he had to apologize to Eddie on the air for accusing him of stealing/losing his cufflinks.

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We found the culprit in the cufflinks situation and it wasn't @producerEddie OR @radioLunchbox 😂

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