Your teen may start using this as the perfect excuse to ditch class! This High School is being called the "Most Haunted High School" in the state of Idaho and some say it's the most haunted high school in the entire country.

Some super creepy things have happened at Pocatello High School and there is video to prove it! The video below shows a shadowy figure walking in and out of the bathroom and down the hall during winter break. The lights flicker on an off and some call it the "best ghost footage ever captured" according to

Other evidence the high school is haunted included reports of...

  • toilets flushing randomly
  • doors closing on their own
  • people feeling spirits around them

So where does the haunting come from? Most say the high school is haunted by the ghost of a girl who committed suicide at the school sometime between 1930 and 1950. She allegedly made a suicide pact with her friend and hung herself from her locker. Her friend didn't go through with it. Students day the girl's spirit has been seen in the halls, while others report smelling her favorite perfume. Six other people have died at Pocatello High School, so the haunting continues!

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