No one wants to be dubbed the poorest, but a new study reveals this is indeed the poorest county in Idaho.

According to a new study by Madison County is officially the poorest county in the state. With a median household income of only $33,856 their households are bringing in $15,000 than the average median household in Idaho, which sits at $49,174.

The poverty rate in Madison County is 32.6%.

This education rate isn't too bad in Madison County. 36.8% of adults have bachelor degrees which doesn't really correlate with the poverty.

Also surprising is the county's low unemployment rate of 1.9%.

So how do you have a county that is educated, employed, but sits at the bottom of the totem pole for income?

There is a huge population of students in Madison County since BYU-Idaho is located there. That being said, I'm not sure this survey is really a fair assessment.

Where do you think the poorest county in Idaho is? What about the richest?