In February of this year, Amy's cousin Amanda who is a psychic came on The Bobby Bones Show to predict Bobby Bones future when it came to relationships, his career, his dog Stanley, and his future family.

During her time on the show, she made some bold predictions about Bones life. She predicted a lot of things that, at the time, didn't seem like they would happen. Turns out, she was actually accurate on quite a few of the things she mentioned.

Amanda predicted that Bones would get into a new relationship and that new girlfriend "would balance Bones out in ways that make him feel safe." Bones says this is definitely accurate. She also said that "May will be an interesting month because Bones has new dreams and she feels something will happen big in this month." As it turns out, May was the month that Bones and his girlfriend decided to move in together.

Not only did Amanda accurately predict Bones relationship, but she also predicted correctly when it comes to his career. She said "This is a year Bones steps out on a new path where he will stand alone. There will be many creative projects coming his way and he's going to have a lot of options." And just a few weeks ago, Bones announced that he has his first ever TV show Breaking Bobby Bones on National Geographic.