Recently, published a map of the richest people in each state.  The top ten on their map were: 

1.) Jeff Bezos, Washington, 117.1B 

2.) Warren Buffett, Nebraska, 89.6B 

3.) Mark Zuckerberg, California, 81.9B 

4.) Michael Bloomberg, New York, 58.4B 

5.) Jim Walton, Arkansas, 51.9B 

6.) Alice Walton, Texas, 51.7B 

7.) Charles Koch, Kansas, 42.8B 

8.) Sheldon Adelson, Nevada, 41.4B 

9.) Phil Knight, Oregon, 40B 

10.) Jacqueline Mars, Virginia, 30.2B 

The richest person in Idaho is Frank VanderSloot, the founder of Melaleuca, a marketing company that sells environmentally friendly nutritional supplements, cleaning products, and personal care products.  In addition, he owns several radio stations in Eastern Idaho.  Frank VanderSloot is the only billionaire in the state and he lives in Idaho Falls.   See the map of the richest person in all 50 states HERE.