Every so often The Bobby Bones Show pulls questions from social media to answer things frequently asked from listeners. Raymundo decided to pull some questions from his own social media to ask the other show members some awkward questions.

Here are the questions posed by Raymundo's followers and the answers given by the show members:

  • Does Bobby's girlfriend Caitlin have stuff in both places (Nashville & Arkansas)... like if they were to break up, would she have to get stuff from both places? Bobby says they aren't breaking up. But mostly their stuff is in Nashville, they just bring their things with them to Arkansas.
  • What gift has Eddie given Morgan2 for doing his job while he's still out? Nothing. He has given her lots of praise over text though.
  • Have we seen the last Bobby Bones & The Raging Idiots show since coronavirus and Bobby having a new TV show? No definite answer right now.
  • Who copied who on house location, since Bobby & Amy live by each other now? Bobby says he was there first. Amy says it was about the same time.
  • Has Lunchbox fixed his fence since the tornado & neighbor debacle? No he didn't fix it, his neighbor did.
  • Does Scuba Steve think he's the most attractive on the show when he doesn't have a beard? He says he thinks he's more attractive than some of the other guys. He believes he's in the top 3 with Bobby and Raymundo.