Mike D has a podcast where he watches movies, and talks all about movies called the Movie Mike's Movie Podcast. He's considered the expert on movies for The Bobby Bones Show, so he decided to pitch a segment idea.

He's great at movies, so much so that he thought he could pick a movie for each show member to watch that they would really enjoy. So he shared with the show last week a movie that he recommends them to watch and they will love it. The show members had one week to watch the movies, which leads us to today (October 2). The show members watched their movies and shared their reviews.

  • Bobby had to watch Honey Boy (Amazon). 2/5 Male pattern baldness. It was too slow, and even his girlfriend Caitlin didn't like it.
  • Amy had to watch Always Be My Maybe (Netflix). 4/5 Chefs. She enjoyed it, watched it with her daughter.
  • Lunchbox had to watch Searching (Amazon). 4/5 Computer Screens. He actually really enjoyed the entire storyline.
  • Eddie had to watch The Outpost (Amazon). 3.5/5 Talibans. It's a good war movie, but not his favorite, not one he'd ever watch again.
  • Morgan had to watch Chemical Hearts (Amazon). 4/5 Newspapers. It's a 'Fault In Our Stars' type movie, she got emotional watching it.
  • Raymundo had to watch Extraction (Netflix). 4.5/5 Bloodsplats. Says Chris Hemsworth makes you want to be a mans man.

Mike D was so confident in his picks, that if anyone on the show gave their movie a review under 4/5 stars, then he had to fulfill a punishment. Next week he has to stand on a street corner with a sign of our choosing for an hour to fulfill the punishment since Bobby and Eddie didn't like their movies, giving their movies under 4/5 reviews.