Christmas is around the corner and to make sure you aren't stuck in the worst gifts category here is a list just for you. has information on the holiday. Including the worst gifts to receive for the holidays. Check out the list below, can't say I agree with some of them but it is a guide if you are having a hard time to buy something for someone.

1. No such thing as a bad gift                               30%
2. Shower gel                                                        23%
3. Popcorn                                                             23%
4. Socks                                                                 22%
5. Lotion basket                                                     20%
6. Mug                                                                   19%
7. Hard liquor                                                        19%
8. Tea                                                                    18%
9. Candle                                                              15%
10. Photo calendar                                               15%
11. Coffee                                                             13%
12. Wine                                                               13%
13. Photo books                                                   12%
14. Kitchen supplies                                             12%
15. Photo prints                                                    11%

There is the list of worst gifts to give for the holiday. I don't agree with socks cause living in cold weather I love a nice pair of socks and they aren't always cheap. Coffee, wine and hard liquor seem like safe gifts and liked by most people.


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