Some venues across the country are preparing for “drive-in” concert experiences where they would essentially turn the venue into a parking lot with a stage.  While this might be a temporary way of having concerts, you would have to assume that in order to make it work, the attendance would be quite a bit less than a normal show, so ticket prices would need to be higher.   You would need to allow people to leave their cars for concessions and restrooms while being able to allow for six feet of separation.

Personally, I’d love to go to a drive-in concert.  The drive-in movie theater experience was pretty much extinct by the time I was a teenager.  There was one drive-in theater left in Denver when I was 17 and I definitely enjoyed it, but I wasn’t watching the movie and there’s no way that you could call what I was doing “social distancing.”  Still, I’m not a fan of big crowds, so being able to watch a concert from my own bubble seems pretty cool and you could rent a luxury car for the night and feel like you’re in the VIP section!

The Treasure Valley doesn’t seem too excited about the concept.  When we asked our Facebook followers if they would go to a drive-in concert, I was clearly in the minority.  Most people said that they would rather wait for the real thing.  Some of the things people don’t like about the idea is that you can’t meet other people who are also fans of the same artist if you’re stuck in your car or that the experience just wouldn’t be good enough to make the ticket price worth it.