Bobby Bones was just announced as a presenter for the CMA Awards airing tomorrow night (November 11) on ABC.

Ahead of the awards, the awards typically send graphics to all artists and presenters to share on their social media that they'll be on the show. The hope is to push tune-in for the events and so fans don't miss their favorite people on TV. And as most listeners of The Bobby Bones Show know, when graphics or announcements happen, Bones name gets messed up constantly. Typically he's called "Bobby Jones." But this time for the CMA Awards, Bones received his graphic and his first name was wrong.

The graphic shared with Bones showed that "Billy Bones" was the presenter. Obviously very wrong since his name is Bobby Bones. Country artists came out in full force on the post. Brandon Ray commented, "Dude how are they still getting this wrong!!" Karen Fairchild of Little Big Town commented "Omg (with the slap in the face emoji)." Caylee Hammack commented "You're killing it, Billy. We believe in you." But the award for best comment definitely goes to Carrie Underwood, who commented, "What if Billy Bones is Bobby Bones’ evil twin and he’s come to sabotage the CMA Awards and there will be some kind of epic showdown in which Billy repels down from the rafters and he and Bobby have to fight until ultimately, Bobby defeats Billy and Billy says something like, “You’ve won this time, Bobby!” And narrowly escapes but Bobby saves the CMAs only to live to fight another day?!?!?!?!"

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