Luke Combs put out another collaboration pair of Crocs and they were such a hot commodity that they sold out in minutes. A few pairs of the Crocs got sent up to the studio by Combs and his team. A pair was sent to Bobby Bones and Amy, respectively. Then another pair was sent to the studio to one of the show's producers, Hillary.

Raymundo and Lunchbox saw that Hillary got a pair of the special edition Crocs and didn't think that was fair. They were both frustrated because they think they should have had some delivered to them. They believe there is a hierarchy on the show and they fall higher on it than producer Hillary. Though, Bones had Hillary share her side of the story and he believes she's totally in the right. She shared that since she's the one who is the person that coordinates artists coming in studio with their labels and management, she has a relationship with those individuals. So since she is the one who has to constantly communicate between The Bobby Bones Show and artists, that they sometimes send her things. She added that the third pair of Crocs were sent specifically to her, it wasn't like she took the third package from someone else.

Everyone on the show besides Raymundo and Lunchbox thought that Hillary did nothing wrong, but you can watch above and decide for yourself.

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