These acts are definitely not considered country. When they dip their toes in the country waters, however, sometimes it results in something amazing.

Throughout musical history, acts are known to dabble in other genres. Some artists, like Aaron Lewis from Staind, for example, have completely shifted gears and gone 100% country. This list will focus on musical acts that never fully committed to country music, but released a song that could be considered 'country' by definition.

So come along, open your mind, and check out some cool country songs by bands that definitely are not country.


#5 - Steven Tyler "Love Is Your Name"

The Aerosmith front man could sing the damn phone book and it would win a Grammy. Tyler has always been known for his not-of-this-world vocal power, swagger, and all over the place style. With his song "Love Is Your Name," the icon proved he totally has what it takes to cut it in the country world.


#4 - Atreyu "Lead Sails Paper Anchor"

If you've never heard of Atreyu, it might make this listening experience feel even more country. Atreyu is a metal-core band from California, known for their dual vocalists, heavy gothic feel, and taking some risks in the metal world. On their album Lead Sails And A Paper Anchor, the rockers took the album all over the place from hair metal to country. While hearing a country song from such a heavy act was surprising, it just works.


#3 - Lady Gaga "You And I"

Is it country? Is it southern rock? Is it blues? Is it a Journey-era ballad? Who cares. Mother Monster can wail like few other singers in history, and I'll be so on board if she wants to jump into the country world.


#2 - Pantera "Suicide Note, Part I"

Before you flip out, listen to the song and tell me you don't hear some Johnny Cash influence in there. You can feel the hurt, the pain, the struggle with every word. Southern metal gods Pantera rarely strayed from the fierce heaviness that made them legends. But when they do, it's pure southern rock / country bliss.


#1 - Metallica "Low Man's Lyric"

Full disclosure: This is one of my favorite songs of all time from the band I grew up listening to. I couldn't sleep at night knowing it didn't make this list. Load and it's follow-up ReLoad were some strange albums from the band that set the bar on heavy metal. Metallica was coming off the success of their legendary Black Album, and they took a swift turn on these albums. They experimented with all sorts of sounds, and from that, we got some of their best work. After one listen, it's undeniable that Low Man's Lyric is nothing other than a country song, and a good one at that.

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