Thomas Rhett is no longer just in the music business, now he's got his own tequila brand. Announced earlier this week, Rhett released a new tequila with his cousin called Dos Primos. He stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about the new alcohol, as well as his recent songwriting efforts on Morgan Wallen's new album.

Dos Primos Tequila is going to be available at most liquor stores across the United States starting today. The idea for the tequila started out during a trip to Colorado. Rhett and Jeff are third cousins, but Rhett shared they grew up together so they feel like brothers. The two of them have always talked about starting a business together and whenever they get into things together, they tend to go all in. The two of them recently became tequila connoisseurs and decided to take their love for tequila to the next level. While on their trip in Colorado, they decided to create a tequila that's a "super sippin' blanco." Rhett says the tequila really doesn't need anything to go with it, it's all good on its own. They named it after themselves, Dos Primos actually means "two cousins."

Besides his latest tequila venture, Rhett has been very busy songwriting. He wrote two of the songs that are on Morgan Wallen's newly released double album Dangerous. Rhett was a writer on "Whiskey'd My Way" and "Your Bartender." While writing "Your Bartender," Rhett admitted that he knew pretty quickly the song wouldn't be big for him, but would be for someone else. He sent it to Wallen almost immediately after the write and Wallen didn't know he was sending it for him to possibly record. Wallen loved the song and ultimately, of course, decided to record the song. As for "Whiskey'd My Way," Rhett confessed that it was a difficult song for him to give up. The song was one of his favorites that he wrote while on the road last year. However, he wrote so many songs in a similar musical context that he decided to pass off the song for Wallen, who he thought again, was the best fit.

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