Thomas Rhett stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to share what he's been doing with his latest single to help those struggling during the pandemic, plus share some stories about his family and perform a few of his big hits.

Earlier this year, Rhett wanted to celebrate his birthday in someway since the pandemic was hindering any real celebrations. He wanted to release one of his songs. So he put out his collaborated song "Be A Light" in celebration of his birthday. The title of the song was in his phone forever, and it wasn't until he was on the road in Canada that he finally decided to write it. The track has Reba McEntireKeith UrbanHillary Scott, and Chris Tomlin all singing on it. He shared that he recorded the song first, and then everyone else was placed in it. Urban played the entire guitar part on the track, and when McEntire said yes to the collaboration, Rhett freaked out. The song has even created more meaning over time as now all of the profits of the song are going to MusiCares Coronavirus Relief Fund. The MusiCares relief fund is helping out fellow artists and band members that are struggling right now because of the pandemic.

Besides helping out those struggling right now, Rhett shared some stories with Bobby Bones about his old band and his family. Rhett confessed that his kids listen to his song "Crash and Burn" on repeat, so much so that he doesn't want to listen to it anymore. When they make song requests, they are almost always Rhett's songsJames Brown, or Bruno Mars. In talking about being on the road, Rhett shared that this is the longest amount of time he hasn't played a show in 10 years. He confessed that him touring is what lead to one of the most difficult parts of his marriage. He shared that his wife Lauren was 7 months pregnant and in Uganda when he was at one of his shows with all of their friends, when she called to talk with him and heard everything happening in the background while she was pregnant and in Uganda it made them feel like they were in different worlds. Because of this situation, the two of them went to therapy for that night alone and eventually were able to work through things together. Lauren just released her book about their lives together called Live In Love, where she details stories of their lives including the therapy they went through. Rhett confessed that when he read the book back, he laughed a lot and even cried a few times.

Before performing, Rhett opened up about the band that started it all for him. His old band the High Heeled Flip Flops happened when he and his friends were in 7th and 8th grade. They haven't played together again since they broke up, but Rhett was their drummer. Also talking about performing, Rhett confessed that the easiest song for him to perform is his song "Sixteen," due to it being straight forward and not rangy.

Watch below as Thomas Rhett performs clips of his songs "Be A Light," "Beer Can't Fix," "Sixteen," and "Die A Happy Man."

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