This was actually a conversation I was having with my wife last week. If we ever hit the point in our life where we have lots of money that we are able to donate what would we want to do with it, for us it was two things pay off school lunch debt and help rescue animals.

Obviously, we are not the only people who are thinking like this because on Wednesday KTVB did a story about a Secret Santa who paid off $1,600 in school lunch debt at Timberline High School and Shadow Hills Elementary School. That was over 100 students who had their debt forgiven.

And just yesterday KTVB did another story with an anonymous donor stepped up to clear the debt for 334 other students from 10 Boise schools, bringing the paid off debt total to around $3,500.

The schools with the debt paid off were: Lowell, Monroe, Grace Jordan, Hawthorne, Owyhee, Valley View, Maple Grove, Pierce Park, Fairmont Junior High and Capital High School.

It's truly inspiring to see the generosity in the Treasure Valley, especially during the Christmas season. Personally, I have no idea who these special people are that are stepping up to help clear the lunch debts, but whoever it is, deserves a big hug and a thank you.

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