Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard stopped by The Bobby Bones Show to talk about their newly released collaboration "Undivided." The two of them came together to talk about what the song means during this time and how the song came together.

Hubbard wrote the song "Undivided" while he was in quarantine after contracting COVID-19 last year. He shared that he wants the song to bring people hope during this dark time. He wants everyone to remember hope in humanity and in our country, hopefully through love. He further added that he wants everyone to remember to let God lead us. McGraw agreed with this and added that "hope" is the single most important thing you can instill in your child. He believes hope it allows them to dream about what they want to achieve in life.

The collaboration came together after Hubbard wrote the song and texted McGraw right away. He felt that the song was great, but wasn't sure where it would go. Ultimately they decided on doing the song together and that "Undivided" will be part of McGraw's super deluxe album out later this year.

As for some fun questions asked. McGraw shared that if he could have a bumper sticker with the lyric of one of his songs it would be "Humble and Kind," especially right now. Hubbard shared that if he could be cast in any one of McGraw's movies, it would be in Four Christmases and he would play McGraw's chubbier brother.

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