12-year-old Christian Swope is being hailed a hero after saving his friend's life.

The two were at Liberty Middle School eating lunch when Swope realized that his friend couldn't breathe, he was choking. So Swope jumped into action and began performing the Heimlich maneuver on his friend until the food successfully dislodged from his friend's throat.

The life-saving technique Swope learned recently from his Auntie, Mercy Aguilar. Aguilar is a nurse and she taught him to do CPR and the Heimlich. Swope was really proud of himself, according to a press release from Newton County Schools he said, "I wasn't scared because I knew what to do. I feel good. And I feel proud of myself. When I got home my auntie called me a hero."

Newton County School System Superintendent Samantha Fuhrey met with Swope in the days following to thank him for his heroic actions and present him with her Superintendent's Coin of Distinction.

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