ZaNia Stinson was just 9-years-old when she starting helping feeding those that were hungry and the homeless.

She was 9-years-old when a woman came up to her asking for money to feed her and her children. The experience was not only moving as a 9-year-old, but Stinson also knew what it was like to be hungry. At one time, Stinson had lived in the homeless shelter with her grandmother. They couldn't afford shelter, and they were unable to access sustainable nutrition.

After the experience with the woman, she founded her project, Z Feeds Go-Go Bags. The bags are filled with items like nonperishable food, water and toiletries. Already Stinson has been able to make and giveaway more than 800 of these go-go bags. She mainly distributes them through The Salvation Army and then keeps extra bags in the car to give to homeless people she encounters on the streets.

Stinson's work won her a $3,000 grant this year through Riley's Way Foundation's Call for Kindness competition. With the money and the donations from strangers, Stinson will be making a lot more bags for people in need.

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