There's a big rivalry between the University of Cincinnati and Xavier University as for southern Ohio basketball rivalry goes. Fans who had to watch the latest game from home are turning the rivalry into a philanthropic event.

Fans of both teams have been leaving huge tips at local restaurants, writing messages supporting their team of choice on the receipt. It's been deemed "Crosstown Tip-Off." The Birch, a wine bar in the area, was the latest spot to be a recipient of the tip-ff. An Xavier fan left the largest tip yet in the competition, $4,525 on a $54.98 bill. The big tip had actually been crowd-funded by more than 90 local families.

As of the latest numbers, Cincinnati fans have tipped more than $20,400 while Xavier fans have tipped about $12,644. The coolest thing about the "Crosstown Tip-Off" is that regardless of which teams' fans win, the restaurants and their workers are really the big winners in the whole ordeal.

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