5-year-old Grayson Nunley has been in the hospital for 20 days fighting leukemia. The Make-A-Wish Foundation came to him asking for his wish he wants granted, and his response surprised a lot of people.

Grayson didn't want to use his wish on himself. He knows what the other children in the hospital go through with all of their treatments so he wanted to make things easier on the other children. His wish was to give the kids in the hospital comfortable bed sheets so their time in treatment would feel a little easier.

His mother Ann Nunley told the news outlet WSAV, “He understands that this is a wish that could be for him to ask for something. I think he also knows how important and how special it is to give back. We have asked him a million times and he’s always maintained that this is what he wanted to do and that he’s proud of it and he’s happy.”

Grayson is in remission and only has a few weeks left of regular treatment. His family and doctors are hoping he can ring the "chemo bell" a year from this November.

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