Olivia Tyler is just seven-years-old and she's on a mission to protect Chicago's homeless from COVID-19.

After hearing of a statewide order to require face coverings in public places on TV, Olivia asked her mother Linda Tyler how the homeless people are going to get masks and how they would afford them. So the two of them went out and bought facial coverings in bulk. They started selling the masks for $5 to local congregation members. With each sale, Olivia could donate another mask to people on the streets.

After the idea really started to unfold, Olivia launched her own nonprofit, Olivia Dru Cares. She began making her own masks. Since then, she's donated more than 800 masks to date, walking through tent cities and encampments for personal deliveries with mom and dad.

Olivia told Good Morning America, "It makes me feel happy to give people something that protects them from getting sick."