For 93-year-old Eileen Delaney's birthday, she got the gift of a lifetime.

One of her nieces decided to gift her something she never got to enjoy for her 93rd birthday. Delaney's niece contacted the alumni association of Port Richmond High School. She was able to get the principal to award Delaney with a high school diploma from the class of 1945.

It would've happened back in 1945, but Delaney left midway through her senior year. Things were tough at her home and her stepmother insisted she needed to pay rent to live at their home, so she had to leave to go to work full time. She worked at the New York Telephone Company and later met and married her husband and raised a family. That family, generations alter, decided she deserved that diploma she never got.

The current principal told ABC 7 the decision to give Delaney her diploma was the probably the easiest and happiest he's made all year.

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