Lola's puppies were adopted right away, but for some reason the same wasn't happening for Lola. The poor pup found herself in the shelter for over a year. The staff at the animal shelter couldn't understand why no one would adopt the pup, who adored snuggling and belly rubs.

The team refused to give up on Lola, so when 400 days hit of Lola being in the shelter, they contacted the Arizona Humane Society in Phoenix. The organization has a "Project Reachout" program that takes pets who need help. The program normally takes sick, injured, and abused pets who could benefit from their Intensive Care Unit. Lola's case was unusual. Arizona Humane Society took her in anyways in hopes that their larger population would benefit Lola.

After Lola arrived at the Arizona Humane Society, they began sharing her story all over. The Perry family heard about Lola and scheduled a meet-and-greet for the very next day. The meet-and-greet was also a surprise for the family's daughter who thought she was just going to get to pet dogs, but rather they ended up adopting one to bring home.