There was a news story about U.S. Army Veteran Nick Myers in Michigan. He served in Afghanistan, was diagnosed with PTSD and he had to give up his service dog Zelda recently due to financial hardships during the pandemic.

Myers and his family had $50 left to their name and due to having a house and kids, they just couldn't afford anything else. His story aired on Fox 17 in West Michigan, and afterwards dozens of people called the station and took to Facebook to ask how they could help bring Zelda back home.

He shared that it would take about a thousand dollars to get Zelda home from her breeder, who happened to be a great friend to the family as well. And all because of some strangers in his West Michigan community, Myers has met that financial goal.

Thanks to people who heard his story and offered to help, Zelda is now back home with her loving family. Myers told Fox 17 West Michigan"The help has been such a blessing. [...] It makes me speechless, honestly." He plans to personally send everyone who helped him a thank you card and photo of his family.

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