Retired letter carrier and U.S. Air Force veteran Patti Bond says she owes her life to Latonia Rudolph, a donor service specialist, team leader, and phlebotomist at OneBlood in Florida.

Something went down at OneBlood that Rudolph says has never happened before in her 18-year career. Bond got an urgent call that shared they needed platelets and asked if she could come in to donate. So Blood came in the next day and that's when she met Rudolph.

Rudolph started by taking Bond's blood pressure. She told Bond that her blood pressure was really high and she needed to get it checked out. So Bond left the blood donation and went to the emergency room. It turns out Bond had a heart attack within the past day or two without even knowing it.

One of Bond's arteries had a 90% blockage and she needed surgery right away. The ER doctors told her that if she would have waited another week, it would have been too late. Bond is home now and recovering well after her surgery that day. She saw Rudolph again during an interview with CBS 12 and she told her, "I don't even know how to thank you. She's getting me choked up right now."

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