8-year-old Bryson Kliemann from Virginia went viral online for selling his Pokémon Card collection to raise funds for his sick dog.

Kliemann's dog Bruce became lethargic and wasn't coming out of his kennel which worried his family and they rushed him to the vet. Bruce was diagnosed with parvo, and treatment costs almost $700. Kliemann told Local 12 news, that Bruce is his playmate and he wanted to help.

So that's when Kliemann decided to set up a Pokémon card stand outside his home with a wooden sign reading "Pokémon 4 sale." Moved by the gesture, his mom set up a GoFundMe page with the goal of raising $800 and also sharing her boy's compassionate steps he took to help.

The GoFundMe moved people online and they raised over $5,500. But that's not all. The Pokémon company heard of his act of selflessness and rewarded the young kid with a collection of some rare cards along with a letter of appreciation.

The dog is healthy, Kliemann is happy, and they were able to cover Bruce's medical expenses and future medical expenses with the GoFundMe. And now they plan to help other sick dogs in the community with the remainder of the GoFundMe funds.

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