Elizabeth and Jake Landuyt's wedding day in Mackinac Island, Michigan was a dream come true until a fire broke out and interrupted the reception.

The father of the bride was giving a speech during the reception when guests noticed the cottage next their wedding venue had caught fire. Everyone had to evacuate the area, and the newlyweds had to abandon their reception. They began praying for everyone's health and safety. Thankfully no one was hurt and even the building was able to be saved.

The couple even had their own angels save their wedding. The chef at the venue took all 120 meals and brought them to safety at the spot next door. Then the meal was served at a resort that had event space open. More angels: Mackinac Island doesn't have cars, so the moving of the wedding required the kindness of strangers. A bellhop volunteered to bartend and a lady on the street carried flowers.

From the quick actions of the first responders to the kind strangers, Elizabeth and Jake's wedding was back to memorable moments in less than an hour. Jake told CBS News"To have them pick up the reception out of ashes, in a very literal sense, made the wedding better than we ever could have imagined and one that, while we don't necessarily recommend, it's a day and an experience that we'll cherish forever."

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