12-year-old dog Theo was found abandoned and in bad shape in the parking lot of a Walmart in Illinois. Unfortunately, Theo had terminal cancer and didn't have much longer.

That's when Jenny Leech and her husband decided to take him in so he could live out his last days with all the love and care in the world. Leech shared with WGN, "It was clear that despite everything crappy that had happened to him, he was happy. So we wanted him to experience everything in whatever time's life."

Once Theo joined them, it was the beginning of his Bucket List. Things started off simple with ice cream, getting burgers through local drive-thrus, and chewing on a fresh bone from the butcher shop.

Leech was posting his daily adventures on Facebook and that's when people started jumping in to offer more adventures for the pup. One person offered to take him on a boat ride, and another for a ride in a Mustang convertible. Because of all the people jumping in to offer Theo some lasting adventures, he's spent every day for the last two months crossing things off his bucket list. In those days, he's met zoo animals, gone on a blind date with a german shepherd named Sasha, got to sit in a skydive plane, went swimming in a lake, and went to the drive-in movies.