It was a family affair at a recent graduation at SUNY Buffalo State College.

Clairmar Galarza wasn't the only one graduating from the school, her father Cesar completed his degree as well. The Galarza family had moved to New York from Puerto Rico in 2008, as reported by Newsner. Cesar didn't know any English, but eventually he went on to learn it as he worked as a welder. Years passed, he found a passion for helping others.

When his daughter Clairmar was enrolling in college, he decided to join her. He enrolled for a bachelor's degree in social work at the same time as his daughter. Clairmar told Newsner she saw it as a fun opportunity for the two to learn from each other and they did. So much so that they graduated from school together with honors.

Cesar hopes his journey inspires those who see age or language as a barrier to pursue education.

Photo: Getty Images

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