Former NFL player Brandon Bair played for the Philadelphia Eagles for a few years and recently he was in a position to save a man's life.

Bair was on the scene when he saw a train hit a semi driven by 25-year-old Steven Jenson. The train struck the semi on the passenger side, and Jenson was pinned inside the driver's seat, unable to move. That's when conductors started getting out of the train, and Bair ran across the highway to help. The conductors weren't able to breathe due to all the smoke in the cab and area, and they warned Bair not to go near the truck.

However, he made a conscious decision to help. He told East Idaho News“It was a conscious decision that I’m going in because he needs help right now. I ran up to the window and saw dripping hot flames all over inside of the truck. I could see a guy in a seatbelt and was able to reach in and get it off of him. He was talking, and I told him we had to get out of here now.”

The two of them made it out of the semi, and Bair stayed with Jenson until emergency responders arrived. Jenson was then airlifted to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center where his sister says he's stable.

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