A few years ago middle school math teacher Finn Lanning met student Damien in Aurora, Colorado.

They had a mutual love for one another. Damien enjoyed Lanning as a teacher because he let him get his work done with out much bothering. Lanning enjoyed Damien as a student because he always stood out and was really funny. Then one day Damien told Lanning he wouldn't be back to school.

That's when Lanning learned Damien had a kidney disease and was in foster care. Social services couldn't find Damien a foster family that was willing and able to meet his medical needs, that's when Damien was forced to move into a hospital and no longer attend school.

Damien needed a transplant desperately and getting a transplant is difficult, but it's even more difficult when the patient doesn't have a stable home to recover in. That's when Lanning decided to become a foster parent and take in Damien, medical needs and all.

In the two years since the two of them met, Damien was able to get a transplant and just a few months ago Lanning officially adopted Damien.

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