family in Cleveland, Ohio was cleaning out their grandmother's house when they made a pretty big mistake.

While cleaning out the house for their grandmother, they were cleaning out the refrigerator including all of the freezer stuff and put it in a trash bag. Their grandmother said to be careful because there was an envelope with $25,000 in it, but it was too late. The envelope filled with cash had already been tossed out and taken by the garbage crew.

That's when Operations Supervisor for waste collection agency Republic Services Gary Capan got a frantic call from one of the family members. They told him they discarded $25K by mistake. Thankfully after tracking down the garbage truck driver, the driver had yet to make it to the landfill. So Capan had the driver drop the trash haul at a recycling center where crews could go through the haul.

Ten workers managed to sift through everything and just after 10 minutes of searching, they spotted a bog with an envelope inside of it. Capan told news outlets, "Makes us feel good here. Made myself feel good. What a great story. And we're just glad to help."

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