Video from the Ceres Fire Department shows flames engulfing a home in California. Thankfully the elderly couple that was in the home was saved all because of a garbage man named Patrick Lebow.

Lebow was on his collection route when he saw the burning home and kicked in the front door to get the couple out. Ceres Fire Chief Kevin Wise shared with Fox40 that Lebow felt the need to act,

"He found a gentleman that was inside that looked possibly a little dazed and confused. He helped that gentlemen out of the house. And then he knew that there was somebody else in the house. So we went back looking again for his wife and he located the wife in the backyard and helped her out of the house also.”

Lebow declined to do an on-camera interview, but told the news station that he does not believe he did anything special. He just did what any loving human being would have done.