Four strangers turned good samaritans when they saw a family in trouble.

In West Marlborough Township, Pennsylvania, a father and his four children were sinking in their vehicle as floodwaters continued to rise in the area. That's when four strangers rushed in to save them. The strangers made a human chain, holding onto each other's belts, to get the family members out, one by one.

In the heart-wrenching video captured, the oldest child almost slipped away, but Dan DiGregorio, one of the strangers, was able to grab him by the wrist. DiGregorio, along with David MacDonald, Tom Garner and Walter Puddifer are all now connected by the moment.

DiGregorio told 6 ABC"None of us knew each other. We were from everywhere, from different countries. Who cares who we are? Everybody's family and everybody needs to take care of each other."