Greydon Fischer is a sophomore at Forest Park Schools and during a recent track practice, his teammates saved his life.

The team was out practicing when they completed their first 200. As they were walking back to do their next 200, they saw Fischer fall to the ground. Fischer's coach Kurt Anderson told WoodTV"When we got over to him, he was kind of on his side and to me appearing to have seizures, or a seizure. His body was very tense and I could tell that he was breathing at that point, not steady but breathing."

Those breaths stopped quickly and with a combination of quick thinking and adrenaline, the track team went into life saving mode. DJ Rasner, assistant coach and Fischer's pastor, called 911. A teammate named Tim ran to get the AED. Coach Anderson started chest compressions. Once Deputy Sheriff Mike Mansell with the Iron County Sheriff's Office arrived, he performed two rounds of CPR.

That's when Fischer finally took a big gasp. The ambulance arrived and he started to not breathe normal, but his heartbeat was definitely back according to the team.

Fischer's father Shawn told WoodTV, "They had told us that he was very lucky. That it was a 10% survival rate for when that happens outside of the hospital setting." They credit saving Fischer's life to the courageous efforts of Fischer's track team and coaches.

Fischer is doing better, but doctors are still trying to figure out the exact cause of what led to the incident. However, Fischer hopes he can have the clearance to join track again in the future.

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