The Holiday Farm Fire in Oregon has caused a lot of damage and destroyed several homes, including some of the firefighters who were busy fighting the fires.

Trudy Boykin is a local firefighter with the Upper McKenzie Fire District. A few weeks back, Boykin responded to a call to help with the fires that would end up lasting weeks. She thought it was going to be like any other day, put out the fire and head home. However, the fire destroyed her home.

Boykin helped fight the fire for three consecutive days, and after that, the first thing she did was go hug her daughter. The two of them have been staying in a hotel ever since losing their home. Thanks to Hope on Wheels, they get to have an RV as a new temporary home.

Hope On Wheels is run by one man, David Strahan, who does handy work to fix up the RVs for others. Now he's working on another RV to give back to another displaced family.

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