TRU Community Care Center in Colorado found a way for its senior residents to connect with their loved ones amid the pandemic.

The Community Care first saw the idea in Brazil and other places across the U.S. when they decided to bring it to their community. They created a "hug tent" so the residents at the Hover Green Houses senior living community could embrace their loved ones.

Janet Morrell, the daughter of one of the resident's told Denver CBS“It’s pretty emotional, more than you think it should be. It’s nice to be able to actually touch ’em, I was lucky to have a compassionate visit earlier this week but we couldn’t touch.”

Amanda Meier and her family built the "hug tent" with the help of some volunteers. Plastic sheeting surrounds the tent on three sides and set up in the middle of a courtyard in between buildings. Special openings through an embroidery hoops that have all plastic around it, allowing for resident and family members to embrace without ever touching each other.

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