Just days ago, a powerful derecho (widespread, long-lived windstorm) tore through the Midwest damaging homes and leaving millions without power. One of the states hit badly was Iowa.

Communities in Iowa have come together to help those struggling since the disaster, including one barbecue restaurant owner Willie Fairley. Fairley has been using his grill at Willie Ray's Q Shack to provide his neighbors with at least 400 meals daily at no cost. Since starting, the restaurant has provided over a thousand free grilled meals to the community, that includes ribs, chicken, burgers, and hot dogs.

Fairly told CBS 46 that they've been offered at least 15 catering jobs, but they've declined, "Money will come but people are in need right now. The main reason we're doing it free is because there's been a lot of people donate to use to help us keep feeding people. So, we figure we'll just do it to make sure everybody gets something."

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