U.S. Postal Service worker Fernando Garcia was finishing his shift in a Los Angeles suburb when he heard commotion.

Garcia heard shouts coming from a nearby home. He rushed towards the noise and found a man lying on the ground. Recalling the incident, Garcia told CBSLA"When he turned around, I saw that he was holding his left arm, and he was just covered in blood." Garcia jumped into action, using his pants belt as a tourniquet to help slow the bleeding until emergency crews arrived.

He was mimicking what he saw in the movies to help save the man, Miguel Cabral's, life. He shared, "[I] looped it through the hole, put it around his arm, tighten it as best as I could and just wrapped it up." The man had been working in his garage when he cut himself on the arm about 3 inches below the elbow. When Cabral realized the severity of his injury, he called out to his sister. His sister's screams are what Garcia heard and got him to the scene to help.

Thanks to the mailman Garcia's help, Cabral is expected to make a full recovery.

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