Aaron Hulce was able to save his wife's life without even being home.

Aaron's wife Sarah was sleeping at their Oregon home when he saw a wildfire closing in on their house. He felt helpless because he wasn't home, but he did everything he could to get her to safety. With the help of their security camera that was focused in the living room, Aaron screamed over the intercom for Sarah to wake up. They had never used that feature before so he was screaming for her to get up.

Sarah heard all of the commotion, woke up, came to the camera and realized quickly what all was going on. Fortunately, the fire was extinguished before it damaged their home.

The scary incident happened in April, but the video was just released. Aaron told Inside Edition“It’s tough. My voice is shaking just thinking about it. That was a rough day — a really, really rough day,”

Photo: Getty Images

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