44-year-old Marine Corps veteran Steven Jetton was in the right place at the right time, but he says the sequence of events that led him to be able to save a kid and his uncle is all because of his God.

On August 29th, Jetton was on the Okaloosa Island's Princess Beach in Florida with his family. He had just purchased a used surfboard to hit the waves, but events unfolded a bit differently when he was at the beach with his family.

The family heard a commotion a short distance away of a rip tide pulling a 12-year-old autistic boy and the boy's 47-year-old uncle farther and farther out into the Gulf of Mexico. They were about 100 yards in the water and struggling to return to the shore. Jetton didn't see anyone else coming or able to help at that exact moment, so he grabbed his surfboard and ran toward towards them.

When Jetton approached, the uncle told him to get the boy first. He was able to pull the boy onto the surfboard and around the same time, the uncle began to swim toward the surfboard. That's when local rescue personnel, some equipped with jet skis, arrived on the scene and got Jetton, the boy and his uncle to shore.

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