North Carolina mother Paige Flotkoetter heard about 23-month-old Hudson Nash in California needing a kidney transplant in order to survive and she knew she had to help.

From the time Hudson was born in August of 2018, he's been in and out of the hospital receiving extensive treatments for his chronic kidney disease. As he got older, Hudson got stronger and was discharged from the hospital, but his kidneys remained weak. They were told he would need a transplant after his second birthday.

Hudson's mother Jaime used Facebook and some letters to search for a donor starting in December 2019. As it turns out, one of the letters proved to be the most effective, as one ended up in the mailbox of Flotkoetter, whose husband is a distant cousin of the Nash family.

Flotkoetter decided to undergo some tests to find out if she was a match, and as it turns out she was the perfect match for Hudson. After the coronavirus pandemic put a halt to the transplant plans, Flotkoetter finally got the opportunity on Tuesday when she and Hudson underwent a successful kidney transplant surgery together in Los Angeles.

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