Tim Rodgers has been a constant presence in the town of Hilliard, Ohio for over two decades. He's been picking up and dropping off mail along the same 60-mile route for all that time.

But recently, he made the decision to hang up the mailbag. So when the community found out he would longer be part of their daily lives, the wanted to show their appreciation for him. They made special deliveries of their own in the form of signs all along his route. The signs had messages like "We will miss you Tim," "You're the best mailman in the world," and "Congrats Tim, gone fishin."

Rodgers told WABC that his customers have gone from friends to family, "I can't tell you how overwhelmed I was be all the love, I hope all this is inspiration for others to get to love each other, help each other and reach out -- especially in these difficult times."

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