When Hurricane Laura hit Lake Charles, Louisiana, someone had to watch the babies in the NICU at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital.

Despite the dangers, the NICU staff decided to stay behind to keep the 19 babies in the unit safe through the Category 4 storm. Dr. Juan Bossano and a team of 14 nurses, 2 neonatal nurse practitioners and 3 respiratory therapists hunkered down in the NICU all night long as the cit was hit with 120-135 mph wind gusts as the eye-wall crossed. They split into two teams taking two shifts caring for the babies. There was no air conditioning and in the middle of the night, the water went out in the hospital.

Bossano shared an update on Facebook in an attempt to clam the fears of the parents who were worried about their babies. He shared that "The babies were doing better than all of us."

ABC 7 shared the story and gave more details on what's happening with the babies post-Hurricane Laura.

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