Carlos Muniz and Grace Leimann were set to get married in mid-July, but their wedding got put on hold when Muniz became ill with coronavirus.

Muniz was admitted to San Antonio's Methodist Hospital in early July. He was in the COVID-19 unit for 10 days before being transferred to intensive care as his situation got worse. He was played on an ECMO machine in an effort to save his life.

One of the nurses Matt Holdridge found out that the patient's marriage was canceled due to his coronavirus situation and that's where he and his fellow nurses came up with an idea. They decided to throw a wedding ceremony for Muniz and his bride-to-be Leimann. All of the nurses in the unit were pitching in to help make the ceremony as beautiful as possible.

Muniz and Leimann got their special wedding ceremony at the hospital on August 11. There were matching tuxedo shirts, wedding instrumentals, socially distanced immediate family members, several of the nurses in the unit, and the bride in all white. Holdridge told KTLA 5, "I don’t think there was a dry eye in the room given everything he’s been through and everything he had gone through to get to this point. It was a pretty magical event.”