Dubbed "Paws Across the Pacific," a chartered plane flew across the Hawaiian Islands in late October picking up dogs and cats from overcrowded shelters in Kauai, Oahu, and Maui. The shelters in Hawaii are dealing with a COIVD-19 crisis. CEO of Greater Good Charities and partner in the big rescue Liz Baker shared, "Normal operations have been affected by months of shut down, economic downturn, limited hours, and routine flights to mainland halted. The Paws Across the Pacific flight is urgently needed to make space in Hawaii's shelters for at-risk pets who otherwise wouldn't be able to receive necessary care to survive."

The rescue mission was no easy feat. The mission to save over 600 adoptable animals from the overcrowded shelters took the help of over 10 organizations and foundations. The airlift was also done in coordination with Hawaii Veterinary Medical Association to ensure all animals arrived safely. And they were able to successfully do just that, once the plane arrived in Seattle, Baker confirmed all animals on board dealt with the flight perfectly.

If you're interested in any of the animals, you can find out more information on their adoptions here.

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