After spending his summer working, 19-year-old Aaron Rodriguez traveled between cities in Wisconsin to go purchase a truck for $3,250.

As he was driving the truck home on the Interstate, smoke started coming out of the truck. Rodriguez pulled into a gas station in Delafield, Wisconsin and soon saw flames. Police Officer Dan Barber was on the scene almost immediately and he saw three people using fire extinguishers to try to put out the car fire. After the fire was put out, Rodriquez had to pay another $175 to have the truck towed to Milwaukee.

Since the car sale was down between two individuals with an agreement as an as-is vehicle, there wasn't much Officer Barber could due to help the teen. But when Barber was off-duty the next day, he decided to set up a GoFundMe account to try to recoup some of the money Rodriquez lost.

Barber shared with MSN, "Within 48 hours, we hit the goal of $3,250. That was the replacement cost of the vehicle." Then they received three large donations from businesses Lake country Candies, Iron Fireman, and Clean Living Environments bringing the total donations up to over $4,500. Now Barber is set to meet up with Rodriquez to give him the donations so he can purchase a new vehicle, and hopefully help with some of his college tuition.

Photo: Getty Images