As the students in Ronald, Washington call him, Grandpa Ron has spent his time volunteering to work with local school children for thousands of hours for the past several years.

But since the pandemic and classes moving online, Ron Jacobson hasn't been able to see the kids. It wasn't until he couldn't see all his school kids, that he realized what an impact he made on their lives. His legacy had reached far deeper than being a volunteer, the students were missing the hugs he gave every morning and the friend they had in them.

Since moving online, the school received so many requests for Grandpa Ron that administrators added Jacobson's contact information to the school's online directory so everyone could stay in touch.

Now Jacobson is receiving emails, letters and even students coming to his home to check on him and offer to walk his dog. Jacobson is happy to be back in the kids lives telling Good News Network"Of course, I am happy to listen to the kids’ problems as well. I have heard from faculty members and parents how much this regular communication has changed the kids’ attitudes.”

Not only that, Jacobson is a Vietnam veteran and due to his community service work, The Veterans of Foreign Wars named them a spokesman for their campaign #StillServing.

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